Contact details for Padworth Parish Councillors September 2016


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Padworth Parish Council

Find minutes for Padworth Parish Council meeting under Padworth Parish Council catergory

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Padworth Parish Plan

padworth plan

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Planning application meeting regarding: Extension to Quint, Rectory Road

There will be a planning meeting held at 11:00, Saturday 18th March 2017 regarding the planning application for an extension of Quint, Rectory Road, Padworth (WBC planning ref: 17/00422/HOUSE).

The meeting is taking place at Padworth Village hall and is open to the public.

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litter pick 4th & 5th March

Litter pick at Aldermaston wharf, meeting at Mallards Way 10am – 12/30 on both Saturday and Sunday 4 & 5 March.

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Padworth Newsletter March 2017


Padworth Newsletter 101 March 2017.pdf

Click on the above to open the newsletter

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Padworth Parish Council meeting agenda March 2017


Please click on the above for the agenda

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BT upgrade of capacity for Cabinet 8 on the Woolhampton Exchange

We have been informed by BT that they have recently upgraded Cabinet 8 on the Woolhampton Exchange which is located within your parish. This increased the capacity by an additional 97 spaces. Some residents/businesses may be registered on the waiting list and presumably be contacted by their ISP. However, others may have been put off / frustrated and be in the dark about the recent upgrade.

If you have any communications channels that will help inform the residents/businesses in the Padworth Parish Council community area (such as social media, parish magazine, parish website, notice boards, community groups/meetings etc.) then this will help raise awareness to anyone who’s property is served by this cabinet and is currently unable to get a access to superfast broadband.

Residents/businesses can check which cabinet their property comes under by using BT’s wholesale checker website and then selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) of their choice from the list on the BT Openreach’s website

When can I get fibre? – Openreach

The fibre journey. Our fibre availability checker shows you if you can get fibre broadband to your home or property. In most cases, it will give the result …


adsl Checker – Bt Wholesale

Welcome to the Broadband Availability checker. This will provide a provisional check of your ability to receive reliable Broadband services. Please enter your …

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Beenham Friendship Club

Beenham Friendship Club, you may have heard of us.  Due to the nature of our Club being for the over 55s we have found the membership dropping in recent years and as our average age seems to nearing the 80s we thought we ought to start to become known in the areas around Beenham and encourage new members to come along.


We provide six outings by coach in the summer months April to September, a Christmas lunch at a hotel this year in Winchester, and have a harvest supper, Christmas tea, and three social meetings in Jan, Feb, and March  in the local Hall.


Why need give it a try? Contact

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Padworth Parish Council meeting

The next Padworth Parish Council is being held on Monday 13th March at 7.45pm in Padworth Village Hall.  Open to all to attend.

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