I feel so disappointed that young lads feel that they have to come over the lake at the Fallows, and find it fun to pull reeds out and throw where they fancy. Surely parents care what is our environment looks like.

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2 Responses to Vandalism

  1. z4jen says:

    children at lake and swans

    Today saturday 19th December at about 14.45, 2 young people, about the age of 11/12, found it great fun throwing lumps of ice at the defenceless swans on the lake at the back of Fallows Road. We need to be involving children with nature and not against nature. We are so lucky to have the facilities that we have. Prehaps we should all be involved with caring for the environment.

  2. mj says:

    i’m afraid it’s in the nature of some young people of that sort of age to behave like that. being imported from a town environment probably doesn’t help either imo. i watched a dog chase two swans off the ice recently. the owner put the dog on a lead when he got it back but the damage had been done.

    the lake is a waste of time for wildlife anyway. the proximity of the paths means that wildlife cannot get the privacy and security it needs to nest and breed. we may get a few water birds nesting in the spring but the dogs will sniff them out and if they don’t the kids will. might be best just to resign ourselves to it’s use as a paddling pool and hope no-one gets Weil’s Disease. the grasses will be full of deer ticks and i’m sure the whole village will hear the first person to pick up a leech from paddling. something to look forward to then.

    those trashed reeds and water plants will probably grow back and spread along the margins over the years. to be fair to the teenies who were swimming at the time, they probably didn’t realise that they’d been specially planted and reasoned that if they grew there anyway they’d undoubtedly grow back – if they thought of anything at all that is, which i suppose is unlikely.

    i’m all for teaching people about the countryside but …..a./ they’ve got to want to learn …..b./ there’s no accounting for human nature. – if the kids decide it’s going to be an adventure playground, that’s what it’ll become. maybe scraping their knees and getting splinters is a good way of getting close to the countryside. and why not?

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