Padworth Parish Plan



 Work has continued over the festive season and through the arctic weather and a draft of our Parish Plan has now been completed.  This has been sent to the Parish Council and West Berkshire Council for comment and it is likely to be available in 6 – 8 weeks.  It is important to understand that it remains our village plan.  It is, however, an essential step which will ensure that our views are officially recognised and a step which will make it more straightforward for us to raise funds for various developments around the village.  The Plan will be published in the late spring or early summer.  Publication of the Plan is not, of course, an end in itself – it is only a means to an end.  The next step will be to set up an Implementation Group and we have opened discussions with the Parish Council to determine how best to go about this. 

 We hope that this Parish Plan will energise many residents to take an interest in Padworth as a village, a community and a Parish.  The engagement of local people in the planning process has already had direct benefits for our community:

 An Environmental Group (PEG) has been created which has already been responsible for tree planting at Aldermaston Wharf, organising village walks and participating in a working party on Padworth Common

  1. An Aldermaston Wharf Area Group (AWAG) has been established on a collaborative, 3-parish basis and this has been instrumental in accelerating the installation of play equipment on the public Open Space adjacent to the Fallows
  2. A Waste Site Working Group has been set up to monitor developments, ensure that the conditions attached to the planning permission are observed and to consider ways of minimising the negative impacts of this development on our community
  3. Plans are in hand to set up a craft group for children
  4. Plans are in hand to set up a local history group
  5. Discussions are under way which it is hoped will lead to the provision of a tennis court for village use and land for allotments. 

 Together we can do much moreIf you have an interest in contributing to the development of any of these initiatives your support would be most welcome.  Please get in touch with me via email or  0118 970 1027

David Evered

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