Steering Group Minutes – 22nd March 2010

Here are the minutes of the Padworth Parish Plan steering group meeting

Download here SC – Minutes – 100322 or view them below


Minutes of the Tenth Meeting

Held at Old Rectory Farm – 7.45pm Monday 22 March 2010 


Mike Berry, David Clark, Dawn Davis, David Evered, Grahame Hawker, Sam Lee, Hannah Shock, Tom Tucker, Sarah Ward

Apologies for absence were received from Paul Beckett, Dawn Turpin, Rachel McCrory



These were accepted as a correct record. 



a.  Children’s Group

Hannah and Mike reported that agreement has been reached with St Luke’s Trust to allow access to the tennis court.  Resurfacing will cost £14,000.  A sum of £500 had been raised from HEAP.  RASP applications had been submitted from the three parishes but were later withdrawn as it was indicated that the lack of consultation behind the Aldermaston bid might jeopardize the chance of success of the other bids.  It had also been hoped that S106 monies might be sought to meet the funding shortfall.  Beenham was prepared to bid for funds from this source subject to a similar bid from Padworth Parish Council.  Padworth was, however, not prepared to submit a parallel bid.  It was agreed that the way forward would be through further discussion with Padworth PC and a consideration of other possible funding sources. 

Sarah pointed out that it would be important to consider the possible impact on the potentially vulnerable residents of St Luke’s. 

Action:  Mike, David C, David E. 


  1. Aldermaston Area Working Group

Mike reported on the meeting with Mark Edwards on 12 March.  Notes in the from of an exchange of e-mails are annexed to these minutes. 

David E reported that he had received an e-mail from Mike Rodd (CEO K & A Canal Trust).  He, David Copley and their new chair, David Rees, had met BW the previous week.  Substantial progress had been made in making the planned development more acceptable to the Trust.  BW will restore and modify the buildings (within the limits permitted by the listing) so that Trust can operate it more effectively.  They also appear willing to make modifications to meet earlier objections.  He sees a future for operating there, fairly soon.

This information was welcomed by the group. 

c.   Padworth Environmental Group 

Dawn T provided a report by e-mail.  PEG was making progress in a number of areas including walks, land, allotments, Greening Campaign & invasive species.  Tentative dates had been outlined in the “dates for the diary” section in their minutes and their strategy document.

She was grateful to David C, Mike B & Mike Warner for making the Fallows fencing and hedging happen.  She confirmed that funding had been allocated to Padworth for the Greening Campaign.  A date will be fixed for a preliminary meeting for key players which might include a member of the Steering Group.  The campaign would be formally launched after that.  Sarah added that the Cold Ash campaign had obtained funding for leaflets through the West Berks Partnership.  She also drew the Group’s attention the published Parish Wildlife Toolkit.  

d.  Waste Site Working Group & Padworth Liaison Group

A meeting of the Liaison group had been held on 4 February.  The following issues had been discussed:  access to the Crescent, the possibility of a pedestrian crossing at Padworth Lane, controlling access to and from the site, lighting and landscaping.  Those present had stressed that detailed responses to the points raised should be presented to the Group.  Keith Lock had been very supportive.  The Padworth representatives had, however, been very disappointed by the negative attitudes of the WBC officials present.  It was suggested that the it might be necessary for local people to rethink their involvement with the Group if WBC were not prepared to adopt a more constructive approach. 


The draft plan has been reviewed and commented on by WBC.  Officers have made a number of minor additional suggestions (attached to my e-mail to all on 7 March) and these have been incorporated in the Action Plan.  The Plan has now been endorsed by the Parish Council.  Sam and David C have been working on the format of the Plan and this work is now well advanced.   The next stage will be for a meeting with Jo Naylor, Sarah, Pamela Bale, David E and David C (also representing the Parish Council) for it to be formally signed off.  It was noted that permission might be required to reproduce the detail from the OS Map in the publication. 

It was agreed that any minor points regarding content or presentation should be e-mailed to Sam.  She will meet with David C and David E during the next week to finalise the plan.  It will then be proof read independently to ensure clarity. 


Action:  SL, DC & DE



It is planned to publish the Plan in May.  Initial quotes suggest that the cost of production might be in the range £1500 – £1800.  David E will write to local businesses to see if they might be prepared to make a contribution.  The intention is that is should go to every household in Padworth and those in the other parishes in the Wharf area.   The hope is that it might be delivered with the Padworth newsletter although it is recognised that the deliverers might require some additional help.  The most effective means of publicising and distributing the Plan have yet to be addressed.

It was agreed that there should be a launch event – ideally on a Sunday over lunch.  Hannah and Dawn D agreed to take the lead in organizing this.

Action:  SL, DC & DE to finalise the Plan.

               HS & DD to develop plans for a launch event. 


It was agreed that the publication of the Plan is not an end in itself – it will only have value if the recommendations are implemented and fresh initiatives taken as the opportunity or need arises.  The current Working Groups are already taking forward a number of the recommendations.  It is essential that Padworth and its neighbouring parishes maintain momentum in these areas.  The Parish Plan Steering Group will formally cease to exist following publication of the Plan and responsibility for implementation will devolve to the Parish Council.  The way forward is, therefore, formally a matter for decision by the Parish Council. 

It was agreed that an implementation framework should be recommended to the Parish Council for adoption.  This would build on existing structures and would comprise a Plan Implementation Group which would meet relatively infrequently (2 – 4 times a year).  This would have responsibility for strategy, co-ordination of Working Groups, the preparation of a Village Design Statement, oversight and monitoring of future plans from WBC and elsewhere as proposed at an earlier meeting (see Minute 8 – 13 October 2009) and it would provide a focus for the identification of funding opportunities to permit specific initiatives to be taken.  This would ensure that Padworth is well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities and becomes aware at an early stage of threats to the local community and environment.  Our neighbours in Beenham and Aldermaston will be informed of these plans. 

The framework proposed above would form a basis for moving forward.  It will be necessary to address a number of other issues.  These include:

  • membership of the Groups (and the Parish Council) to achieve representation which more satisfactorily reflects the demographic changes in the Parish,
  • arrangements for addressing other issues raised by local people – eg the development of educational and social opportunities,


Action:  DE to prepare a paper for submission to the Parish Council recommending a structure on the above lines. 


It was suggested that the Steering Group (and their partners) should enjoy a celebratory dinner.  David E undertook to explore possible dates. 

Action:  David E



17 May 2010 at 7.45pm at Old Rectory Farm






Short term activities

Parking restrictions in Station Road. WBC (A Garratt) to check responses from consultation period and if no issues will programme road markings. WBC to advise when the work will be started. Will be enforced by WBC . The Individual Decision on this is due to be made by the Portfolio Member on 1 April. I would hope that the parking restrictions will be in place during the summer. 

Hedge cutting Station Road  – both sides of Highway to be done by WBC. Completed by end of the month?  This should have been completed by now but I was there earlier today and clearly it hasn’t. I am chasing up our contractor for a progress report. 

Aldermaston Wharf car park sign. New post in place but obscured by hedging. Original sign removed for some reason. WBC to advise on position . The new sign is quite good but isn’t quite what I had asked for. I will leave it where it is for now. I had originally asked for an additional sign to be located on the opposite side of the entrance to the existing sign (now removed). 

Parking in station car park – WBC to discuss with Network Rail the use of car park for canal visitors . I have commence discussions with Gareth Thomas at First Group and will keep you posted.

Lamp post by vehicle entrance on Fallows Open Space – removal or re-siting . There are no plans to change this. I have checked with my countryside colleagues and they have confirmed that their contractor can access the POS quite safely. It does look odd I must admit but for the small number of times the gate will be used it doesn’t present a problem. 

Advisory speed limit signs on bend on A340  – should be in place by end of March

Willlink school pick up point –  from A340 to Swan Drive or Mallard Way

Footpath over railway bridge on A340. To be repaired where necessary. Also will look at fencing and lighting to improve safety.

Long Term activities

General understanding about limited capital budget over next few years but S106 Highways money available 

WBC to consider all options regarding footbridge over canal on the A340. This includes a separate bridge or a bolt on.  

Pedestrian crossing on A340 – WBC to consider various options at  Swan  Drive and canal bridge – pedestrian and vehicle counts to be taken during school holidays, weekends and school drop off times etc. Vehicle driver behaviour also to be taken into account .  

Speed issues on A340 – options to reduce to be considered such as different road textures. Further check by putting monitor at bottom of railway bridge on the A340.

Padworth Lane  junction with A4 – WBC to look at options to enable easier exit from The Crescent  and to provide a means for pedestrian to cross the road (e,g refuge)  

WBC to look into turn left only at proposed exit from waste site and signage to direct Tadley /Mortimer / Burghfield traffic to use A340 rather than Padworth Lane      

Long term Drainage improvements at roundabout of A4 and A340 plus Aldermaston Station – awaiting results of EA grant application.

Refuge on A4 at Station Road junction to allow easer crossing.

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