Welcome to the new look Padworth Parish website

We hope you like this new format. It is now easier to find information and to leave comments

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3 Responses to Welcome to the new look Padworth Parish website

  1. Peter Olmos says:

    Hello, I would like to get in contact with the residents of Red Cottage Mill Lane Padworth I think her name is Neela, I used to live there 12 years ago. If it’s possible maybe you could give her my Email . I think they might be interested in it’s history. Thank you in advance if you could do this for me . Regards Peter Olmos

  2. tony booth says:

    hi peter, hope you’re keeping well. i know the family there so i’ll pass on your message when i see them.
    on a sad note, michele died last may of complications following a broken leg.
    atb tony. love to the family.

  3. Clare says:

    Hi, we live in one of the Old Brewers Cottages in Mill Lane, Padworth and are looking to celebrate there 150th Birthday this year with a garden party. We were wondering if anyone would have any knowledge of the history or photos they would like to share.
    Many thanks.
    Alec and Clare
    Alec_Negus@Yahoo.co.uk or Clare 07717748404

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