Parish Matters Jan 2010

Padworth Parish Council Meeting – 4 January 2010

1    A working group would be established to further develop the Parish Website,, but in    the meantime the minutes of the Parish Council meeting would be displayed on the site, [Minutes of January meeting are now displayed].

2    With regard to future road closures of Padworth Lane / Rectory Road, it was agreed that the PC would request West Berkshire Council to ensure that signs advertising road closures should only be displayed when the road was actually closed, and that local residents should be informed with adequate notice when closures were being planned

3,   Both Parish and District Councillors had attended a meeting at West Berkshire Council concerning speed limits in the area, but were extremely disappointed with WBC’S lack of concern with the traffic, parking and pedestrian issues raised during the Parish Plan consultation process, and it was agreed to try to hold a further meeting with officers of West Berkshire Council

4.   An application for funds for play equipment to the area adjacent to the Village Hall was still awaited.

5.   Damage to the football frames in the Public Open Space adjacent to the Basingstoke Road had been repaired and it was hoped that funds would be available to pay for some new nets.

6.   Resident’s concerns about vehicular access from Padworth Close on to the Bath Road had been passed to WBC, but Councillors had been advised that the entrance layout was in accordance with the approved plans, but the situation might be improved in the future when consideration was given to reducing the speed limit on the A4 to 40mph

7.   Two instance of overhanging branches in Rectory Road and Station Road would be reported to WBC Streetcare.

8.   The Council agreed to confirm an allowance of £1,000.00 for the forthcoming year towards the printing of the Parish Newsletter

9.   The Parish Liaison group would be having a further meeting with Veolia on 4th March to discuss issues of concern to residents and ways of mitigating the effects of the construction of the new waste facility. If residents had any issues they wished to be raised then they should advise local Parish Councillors accordingly, who would then pass them on to members of the liaison group

10. A number of roads had been badly affected during the recent snow conditions and investigations would be made to establish possible locations for grit bins. It was also suggested that a register of volunteer 4 x 4 drivers, who would be willing to offer the use of their vehicles during an emergency would be established. Any residents willing to take part in such a scheme should contact members of the Parish Council.

11. Councillor Lock reported that the planning decision on Upper Lodge Farm would now be discussed at a meeting on October 26th

12. The next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday 8th March at 7.45 in the Village Hall

13. Planning Application News

Three dwellings at Manton, on the Bath Road had been approved by WBC

The Parish Council had raised no objections to AWRE’S application for Replacement storage and infrastructure

Further variations to WBC Padworth Sidings [The Waste facility] were being considered

The Public Open space adjoining the Basingstoke Road

1. The construction of the new ‘kissing’ gate to the Basingstoke Road had been completed but there were still outstanding issues concerning the type of fencing and the linking of the new fencing with the existing chain link fence that needed to be resolved.

2. Discussions were still ongoing concerning additional benches and litter bins

3. WBC will take over responsibility for the site 12 months after the end of the Developer’s maintenance period

District Councillor’s Report to Padworth Parish Council – 4 January 2010

The recent snowy weather revealed deficiencies in the Council’s winter weather services. It was claimed that all primary routes were salted every day but we were certain that locally not all routes were salted and of course minor roads and footpaths, even in the towns, were lethal.   We protested, but to no avail. Personally, the final straw was on Christmas Eve we went away for Christmas and found the roads through Mortimer were still difficult but as we crossed the Wokingham boundary everything was immediately clear.

The Council has agreed some major organisational changes and will be reducing the number of Heads of Service from 1 April. The change which most worries us is the abolition of the separate Countryside Service and it’s absorption with Planning. There will be a number of redundancies and it is expected that the changes will save the Council about £750,000 annually.

Last month we reported that Network Rail were considering closing the Ufton Nervet level crossing, but after a meeting with their officials and local Councillors, they have confirmed that the crossing will remain and be updated.

Discussions on the local development plan continues and although Padworth is not considered as a settlement for development, we know that it is still growing due to applications on infill sites.



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