Neighbourhood Watch in The Wharf area, thanks to Carla Kayser-Booth

Dear NHW and Community Scheme members. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a number of safety camapigns we are currently running in West Berkshire.
Firstly, we launched our annual Halloween Campaign yesterday at a press briefing so please look out for any articles that may appear in the local paper or interviews on the local radio station.
As part of the campaign the Neighbourhood Police teams will we providing schools with posters reminding those who go trick or treating to respect that not all residents wish to participate. We now have copies of the Halloween flyers avaiable for people to stick on their front doors if they do not wish to be disturbed. Where possible please can I ask that you download the flyer from the webite:-

If you haven’t got access to the internet you can call Debbie on 01635 264718 to request copies. The Neighbourhood Police Teams and Wardens have also been issued with a supply.
Secondly, Thames Valley Police is working in partnership with the West Berkshire Safer Communities Partnership to help keep you safe as the darker nights draw in. If no light is on in your home, curtains are not drawn and no car is in the drive, it is an obvious sign to an opportunist burgalr that no one is at home. The Neighbourhood police teams will be patrolling in vulnerable areas leaving calling cards at people’s homes if they come across a house in darkness to ensure the occupants receive some crime prevention tips. There are a number of simple ways you can help secure your home:-
1. Visit a local retailer to pick up a 24 hour segment timer that can be used with a lamp, radio or TV to give the ipression someone is at home.
2. Register your valauables at  for free.
3. Keep valaubles out of sight
4. Lock your doors and windows and if you have a UPVC door make sure you double lock it.
To keep up to date with crime in your area you can follow us at @tvp-westberks  or you can ‘like’ us on Facebook at
Message Ends

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