URGENT: APPLICATION No: 12/01220/MINMAJ Lower Farm, Wasing Gravel Extraction

DEADLINE 27 June 2012

APPLICATION No: 12/01220/MINMAJ Lower Farm, Wasing Gravel Extraction

The above planning application can be viewed on line at www.westberks.gov.uk/planning.  I am keen to encourage as many people as possible to register their objections and comments on this application before the deadline of 27 June.  Please make as many individual responses as you can – ie if there are two adults in a household, make two separate responses – the more the better – but all objections should be on PLANNING GROUNDS (traffic, noise, increased flooding potential, unproven demand for gravel etc) and not on emotive grounds.

Also please make sure your include your name and address.  Without these details your comments will not be considered.

Tell your neighbour, tell yours friends, tell your family, tell your school colleagues, tell fellow parish councillors, tell people you see during your working day let’s get as many objections lodged as possible and stop this before it happens.

Due to insufficient time to organise a meeting before the deadline, there will be a public meeting at Aldermaston Parish Hall on 17 July, 8pm.  Please come along and bring your neighbour with you!


Kind regards


Tel: 971 0037

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One Response to URGENT: APPLICATION No: 12/01220/MINMAJ Lower Farm, Wasing Gravel Extraction

  1. Padworth Parish says:

    I just wanted to update you on this important topic following last night’s Parish Council Meeting
    It seems unlikely WBC will agree to our requested extension of the deadline for comments, and we do not think it is practical to convene a meaningful Public Meeting before the deadline (27th June)
    We have been assured, however, that this Planning Application will be called to the WBC Planning Committee (rather than be determined by an unelected Planning Officer using delegated powers). This means we will have a limited opportunity to put our views to that Committee when it meets (likely to be mid August)
    Based on verbal representations to date, the Parish Council has agreed to Object to the Application on the following grounds:

    impact of additional HGV traffic (particularly on the Lifting Bridge at the Wharf)
    adverse visual and noise impact
    cumulative impact on previous gravel operations in the Parish
    unproven demand (lack of WBC Minerals Plan)
    flooding and subterranean water flows
    We will tell WBC of our intention to hold a Public Meeting before the Planning Committee meets, and request the right to update our response after the Public Meeting.
    We have provisionally scheduled the Public Meeting for Tuesday 17th July at 8.00pm in the Parish Hall

    What you can do now
    1. Make your views known to WBC, preferably before the 27th June deadline. The more responses, the greater our profile. You can express your views either via the WBC Planning website, by email to planapps@westberks.gov.uk or by writing to WBC Planning Department, Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury, RG14 5LD. Please ensure you state your comments relate to Planning Application 12/01220/MINMAJ
    2. Make a note in your diaries of the date and time of the Public Meeting, and come to it
    3. Spread the word amongst your neighbours (this email distribution list only covers about 25% of households in the Parish – I wish it was more extensive!)

    On 07/06/2012 08:46, Dave Shirt wrote:

    Apologies if you have already received the below from Wasing, but I think it is of sufficient importance to give it as wide an airing as possible.
    We have previously promised a Public Meeting to consider an appropriate response to this Application. Unfortunately WBC have validated the Application quicker than we had expected and have only given us till 27th June to submit our comments. We have asked WBC for an extension to this deadline, though we are not confident it will be granted. We will review our position at our Parish Council meeting next Tuesday 12th June
    In the meantime, full details of the Application, including the opportunity to submit your own comments, can be found on the WBC Planning website at http://tinyurl.com/cmfvo7v
    I will keep you informed of developments

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