Network Rail – one-way road system for 6 months

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oneway system 2014

What is the proposed diversion route?

The alternative route for all vehicles is via the A4, A340 to Aldermaston, Reading Road and access Padworth Lane via Rectory Road. To facilitate access/egress a one-way system will be implemented on Silver Lane, School Road and Rectory Road (clockwise).

What measures will be put in place to mitigate the impact of the road closure?

Network Rail and their contractor Carillion have been discussing ways of mitigating the impact of the road closure with West Berkshire Council. These measures are still being finalised but include:

 WBC arranging for vegetation to be cut back along the diversion route to improve visibility for vehicles

 WBC has added the diversion route to their winter maintenance schedule (gritting)

 Business open as usual signage at key locations

 Additional one-way signage outside properties on the one way route

 Installation of temporary traffic lights to assist with safe access onto two-way section of diversion route

 Due to the narrowness of sections of the diversion route, a traffic light system for large vehicles from the waste management facility is being considered as a means of controlling vehicle movements on local roads

 No parking signs will be installed along specific sections of the diversion route. Alternative parking arrangements will be sought for the area affected


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2 Responses to Network Rail – one-way road system for 6 months

  1. johnG says:

    Yes, but when was the first day of work (21st Sep ?), and when will it be finished and re opened? Thank

    • jlacon says:

      Hello John, work is well underway for the rail bridge on Padworth Lane. Provisional date for completion is March 2015. One way diversion and speed limit around
      Rectory Lane and Silver Lane in place.

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