Recycling centre to be closed to the public for 6 months from 21st September 2014

Will the public Recycling Centre at Padworth be open?

No, it will close for the duration of the Padworth Lane closure therefore reducing the number of vehicles using the diversion route to the Waste Management Site.

You will be able to use the facilities at the Smallmead Waste Recycling Centre, Island Road, Reading and the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Newtown Road, Newbury.

Will the farmers still collect compost from the waste management facility?

During these months they have less compost to be collected but they will still have farmers and third party HGVs collecting material from the site. Usually they produce a 25mm product which the farmers prefer. However during the diversion they will change their operation to produce as much 10mm product as possible which will greatly reduce the number of tractor/trailers using the diversion as 10mm is transported in bulk and used for landscaping.


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