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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to our MP, John Redwood, at the recent Village Hall re-opening ceremony. As a direct result of that conversation I have since written to him, on behalf of the parishioners of Padworth, about the issues we have been having with procuring superfast broadband locally. I have had a very positive response; his office has written to the relevant Minister, Ed Vaizey, at the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, and I will in due course receive a copy of any reply. We can only hope that this brings a positive result but, as ever, I would advise against holding your breath!

There is still no further news about the Superfast Extension Programme and still no news of what progress has been made with the Rural Communities Broadband Fund (RCBF) initiative. I have, however, heard from a reliable source that the properties in Padworth that are due to receive Superfast Broadband under the original Rural Broadband Initiative are likely to be upgraded in March 2015 (these are the properties served by Woolhampton exchange cabinet 8). I can’t confirm this yet though.

The best guidance that I can give at the moment is to keep monitoring the Superfast Berkshire website ( The News item “8th September 2014 – Update on cabinets going live” contains a link to the “latest progress” page. On that page, click on the “target cabinets” link (in the fourth paragraph) and you will see a spreadsheet entitled “Superfast Berkshire – Cabinets scheduled for survey / delivery” which has been updated quite recently. That is still showing Woolhampton Cabinet 8 as “Survey and discussion still ongoing”. There is also a new coverage map on the website which is worth a look.

If your phone line is provided by BT, you might like to visit and enter your phone number; this will tell you which cabinet you are connected to, amongst other things. When used in conjunction with the “Cabinets scheduled for survey / delivery” table mentioned above, you can get all the easily available information about your prospects of getting superfast broadband.

Andy Roberts


Phone: 0118 971 4679


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