Disability Hate Crime

Subject: We’re encouraging people to report disability hate crime incidents

This is a message sent via The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales). This information has been sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police
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Message sent by
Naveenat Sahota (Police, Local Comms, Thames Valley)

Throughout this month, Thames Valley Police is raising awareness about disability hate crime and encouraging victims, friends, family and support workers to report any incident where they believe they, or another person, is being targeted because of their disability.

What is disability hate crime?

Disability hate crime is any crime or incident where the victim believes they have been targeted because they have a disability. These incidents can include, but isn’t limited to, name calling, verbal abuse, criminal damage or doing anything to make the victim feel unsafe. These incidents and crimes can be reported by friends, family, co-workers and carers as well as the victims themselves and witnesses.

Low number of incidents reported last year…

Last year, just 106 disability hate crime incidents were reported to Thames Valley Police. While low crime figures may be seen as encouraging, in reality we think there are disability hate incidents and crimes which are going unreported.

Anyone who may be suffering as a victim or who may be witnessing this type of crime to please report it to police as soon as possible by calling 101.
If a victim or witness feels unable to report the crime to police for whatever reason, they can contact independent charities such as Stop Hate UK and True Vision in confidence.

More information about disability hate crime…
There is more information about disability hate crime, how to spot the signs someone may be a victim, how to report disability hate crime and how to obtain support for victims and witnesses on our website:


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