Padworth Environmental Group (PEG)

Wild Flower Special Report!!!

Did you see the displays in the Fallows Nature Reserve and around the Padworth Village Hall? Everyone’s hard work paid off and the wildflowers were an absolute picture.

The two areas in the Fallows Reserve, one by the bridge and the other in the centre, were beautiful. They provided colour and instant impact throughout the summer and were still flowering well into September. There will be an element of self-seeding but they may need a top-up either in the autumn or spring. These areas will be left until the flowers go to seed then reviewed.

The perennial area over by Mill Lane is a longer term project. It didn’t have the instant impact this year but it will improve over the next couple of years. This area is going to be extended this autumn and we’ll plant some Yellow Rattle.

We’re doing MORE! There will be two new areas developed this autumn. This will provide a different timescale as we seeded the others in the spring. These will be planted with the instant impact annual seed which attracts the butterflies and attracts our eye too because they’re so pretty.

You might have noticed that West Berks has already been in and mowed the area. The idea of raking up the material and putting it into a heap is to stop it rotting down and returning nutrients to the soil. If the soil is too fertile the grass will grow more strongly and out-compete the wild flowers. By removing all the cut material, the idea is to restrict the growth of the grass and give the wild flowers a fighting chance when they begin to grow next spring.

PEG will also be organising two more tasks:

 to remove a large number of the Willow trees out of the balancing pond

 to tidy-up and remove some more of the plastic tree protectors as the trees are fairly well established now and don’t need them.

Tentative dates: Sunday 12 October, Saturday 25 October, Sunday 9 November 10am – 1pm – Fallows Nature Reserve

Look out for confirmation of dates on Facebook and Twitter. Phone or email if you’re interested and don’t want to miss out. Strong shoes, thick gloves required. All welcome. Children to be accompanied by their parents.

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There is lots going on in the valleys! Do visit the website for a full list of this month’s activities. or 0118 930 5336

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