Don’t be a target for burglars

This is a message sent via Thames Valley Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police
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Message sent by
Luigi Straccia (Police, Communications Officer, Thames Valley Police)

Now that the clocks have gone back, police in Thames Valley, Sussex, Surrey, and Kent are working together to target cross-county burglars.
For the first time, each force will co-ordinate activities during a three-week regional burglary campaign to catch offenders and educate residents to try to prevent them from becoming victims.
Officers regularly liaise with colleagues across the region about individual offenders or crime gangs but, in the past, ran operations at different times of the year – opening the possibility that burglars simply switched their attention to homes across the county border during the campaigns.
This year a co-ordinated approach means that one campaign will stretch from as far north as Milton Keynes, to Chichester in the west, and to Margate in the east – an area of more than 5,600 square miles and more than six million people.
The campaign is being run between today (27/10) and 16 November because in recent years the region has experienced a rise in reports of burglary in that period.
Insp Angie Jones, from TVP, said: “Officers will be patrolling neighbourhoods and burglary hotspot areas identifying houses that could be at risk of burglary and posting a leaflet through the door advising people to contact them for further crime reduction advice.”
If you have any information about burglaries, call 101. For crime prevention advice, visit the Thames Valley Police website.
For emergencies, always dial 999.
You can register your property on a database in just a few minutes by visiting the Immobilise website.

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