Padworth Parish Council minutes of meeting July 2016


JULY 11th 2016


AT 7.45 P.M.


Present:                                          Mr M Warner (Chairman)


Mrs J Lacon (Vice Chairman)   Mr J Miller   Mr A Roberts   Mr T Tucker   Mr D Murray

Mrs M Lock (District Councillor)

Mr G Bridgman (District Councillor)

Clerk:  Ms A J Ives

There were 9 members of the public present


A few minutes silence were held, in memory of the late Parish Clerk Mr C W (Bill) Goudge who died on the 20th May 2016.


Apologies:  The Chairman announced that Keith Gilbert who had been a Councillor and Chairman for 40 years was now going to retire due to ill health.  He was also the AWE liaison officer for the Parish Council and we shall have to find a replacement.

Welcome to new Parish Clerk, and almost new Councillor David Murray, who had attended the Meeting in May.


The Chairman introduced Renton Righelato from the Berkshire Ornithological Club, who had come to show slides and talk to us about the proposed Padworth Nature Reserve. He started by showing an overview of the area in discussion, which is quite large and has a Flooded Woodland in the centre.  The shores of this lake are breeding grounds for birds such as Plovers. He pointed out plans for a walkway around the area and a car park at the entry. There would be set-up costs and then a management fee annually, of about £10k to keep it all in good order.  Flora and fauna abound in this area already and mixed species of wild flowers would be planted.  Renton talked for half an hour and then answered questions.  It is hoped that 106 monies could be available under Open Spaces category for this exciting project.

90        OPEN FORUM:  1) There are plans coming out soon for gravel extraction at Padworth Park stretching down as far as Aldermaston.  This would be a massive operation and may last 27 years.  There would obviously be pressure on the traffic congestion in Padworth Lane, and other local roads, with weight problems at the various bridges. The extent of the plans will not be realised until they are sent to the Parish Clerk.  It is suggested that we have a Public Meeting in the Village Hall. Also 2) the intention of Veoila to accept general waste at its depot in Padworth (something they said would never happen) has sparked controversy in the area. Residents in Hampshire are now forbidden to use the Padworth Depot and have to go to Basingtoke instead.  This should result in 40% less movement on the roads in the Padworth area.  However this is small consolation to the residents and Portfolio Councillor Marcus Franks from West Berkshire Council, has offered to speak at a general Meeting. The Plans have not yet arrived at the Parish Clerk.

The Chairman M Warner will keep his eyes open for further details.

91        APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes of the last Meeting held on 9th May 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

92        MATTERS ARISING FROM THE ABOVE MINUTES.  Highfield Stud – burning of straw and manure. The House has recently been sold, and it has been decided now to keep horses for grazing only.

93        NEW PLANNING REGULATIONS.  The clerk has suggested that we meet (a quorum of 3) in the Village Hall to discuss planning applications.  This is a requirement of West Berkshire Council and has many benefits such as Applicants and public can witness the submission decision being made. The result must be in by the due date and it would be up to the clerk to see that this happens.  New internal planning forms have been raised for comments.


94        a) the Round Oak at Padworth.  This is in Hampshire and not our Parish (just).

  1. b) 6 Watson Close Padworth.  No objections Now approved.
  2. c)  Padworth College.  No objections Now approved.
  3. d) Clovelly Works Bath Road.  No objections Now approved.


  1. a) Rectory Road “A” Clump.  The workmen arrived at 9 am and felled two trees and left at 9.50 leaving debris all over the area. They were felled for traffic safety. A dangerous line of trees, the Chairman is in touch with WBC and BBOWT.
  2. b)  Rag Hill vegetation .There are several dead elm trees in the hedgerow at Rag Hill and this needs attention. Mrs Mollie Lock to chase up WBC again.
  3. c)  Salt bins. We have sited one in Sopers Lane and one in Silver Lane to be installed in the early winter season, at the Parish Council’s cost. The Chairman is in touch with WBC for the next step.
  4.  d) Road signs to the Village Hall.  Cllr J Lacon showed designs and plans and they were favourably received. Some discussion over Upper Padworth and Lower Padworth, but there will be one sign from the A4.
  5. e) Ufton Lane bridge construction.  This is ongoing. There will be more road closures and a diversion into Padworth Lane.
  6. f)  Speeding on the A340. Cllr J Lacon showed the printed results from two places where she had put speed signs, in May. Over 35 mph = 34% Hidden Cameras showed one car going at 78 mpg. 50% cars over 35mph. The Police need to meet and with Aldermaston PC who prefer a flashing light.     This a serious problem with a cyclist being knocked off her bike recently.  District Councillor Mollie Lock suggested that we ask for a Members Bid of £2.5k and we can match fund, if she gets it.  The Parish Council were very pleased and thanked her.
  7. g)  stones/rocks placed at road edges are difficult and dangerous.  WBC say that they should be point 4 of a metre from the road edge.



Matters arising from the Minutes of the last meeting

  1. a) Future plans of the YMCA are not known at this time
  2. b) Fallows reserve is overgrown and the footpaths need attention.  WBC to help out in September.
  3. c) There is no news on the site opposite the Village Hall.
  4. d) Further tests are being taken at the pumping station at the Canal side development.
  5. e) Rubbish at the Fallows:  this has been hidden at the property concerned, and the residents have been spoken to. WBC have been informed.
  6. f) Caravans at the Village Hall have gone, except for one.
  7. g) Burger Van at the Village Hall has gone.
  8. h) A new plinth with the new plaque will be installed soon at the War Memorial.


97    Matters not raised elsewhere

  1. a) Code of Conduct.  The clerk handed round a new copy to each Councillor and suggested they read it and it could be ‘adopted’ in the September Meeting.  District Councillor G Bridgman said that he too was working on a new edition and maybe we could adopt that one in the New Year.  The clerk thanked him and said that she would bring Standing Orders to the next Meeting also.
  2. b) It was decided that the Vote for the Crime Commissioner was politically motivated.
  3. c) A short discussion took place.
  4. d) New Councillors Starter Pack.  Cllr D Murray suggested this and the Parish Council accepted the need for them.  The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk to work on it together.


98        DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS:  see at back

99        FINANCE  

The Responsible Finance Officer (the Clerk) advised a balance in the bank of £47280.15. VAT has been claimed in the sum of £2892.56. A Payroll Services Company has been employed on the Clerk’s recommendation.


Cheques drawn since the last meeting:




100 Correspondence

One magazine was given to the Chairman to read – LCR.




Ø  The cycle path between the Wharf and Aldermaston needs to be cleared.

Ø  Talk with Beenham and Aldermaston about revised Neighbourhood Plan.

Ø  Padworth produce and stall show Saturday 16th 12 – 5 p.m.

Ø  Security fence in Silver Lane – tied with cable ties, a risk

Ø  Rectory Road power line has been dealt with.

Ø  White Copse Corner – 3 quotes to come.

Ø  Milbrook Cottage blocking footpath.  DC Mollie Lock will oversee.

Ø  Meal on a Trot – needs more tickets sold.


The Meeting closed at 10.05 p.m. and the next is scheduled for September 12th 2016, at 7.45p.m. in the Village Hall







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