BT upgrade of capacity for Cabinet 8 on the Woolhampton Exchange

We have been informed by BT that they have recently upgraded Cabinet 8 on the Woolhampton Exchange which is located within your parish. This increased the capacity by an additional 97 spaces. Some residents/businesses may be registered on the waiting list and presumably be contacted by their ISP. However, others may have been put off / frustrated and be in the dark about the recent upgrade.

If you have any communications channels that will help inform the residents/businesses in the Padworth Parish Council community area (such as social media, parish magazine, parish website, notice boards, community groups/meetings etc.) then this will help raise awareness to anyone who’s property is served by this cabinet and is currently unable to get a access to superfast broadband.

Residents/businesses can check which cabinet their property comes under by using BT’s wholesale checker website and then selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) of their choice from the list on the BT Openreach’s website

When can I get fibre? – Openreach

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adsl Checker – Bt Wholesale

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